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Healthy eating starts in the kitchen.health, wellness, registered dietitian, nutrition, nutritionist, health, kitchen, michelle moreau, healthcare, insurance, diet, diabetes, weight loss, gluten, celiac, recipes, chef, counseling

Studies show people are preparing food and cooking at home less often than they used to. Meanwhile, on the rise are the rates of illnesses that are linked with lifestyle, such as diabetes, obesity, cancer and heart disease.

The recipes included on our website are here to inspire and motivate you back into the kitchen. The more food we prepare for ourselves, the more control we can have over our own health and well being.

health, wellness, healthcare, diet, dietitian, nutrition, nutritionist, michelle moreau, healthy kitchen, chef, counseling, diet, diabetes, gluten, celiac, healthcare, Portsmouth, NHIn addition to our own creations, we also share links to recipes made by Registered Dietitians and other healthy recipe bloggers throughout the world.

Not all recipes promoted here will work in every diet plan. If you have specific dietary needs, our skilled dietitians can set up a personalized meal plan that is based on your food preferences and meets your own nutritional needs.

health, wellness, registered dietitian, nutrition, nutritionist, diet, healthcare, healthy kitchen, chef, recipes, diabetes, celiac, gluten, weight loss, diet, insurance, medical, counselingNow is the time for healthier eating.

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Happy Healthy Eating!

 health, wellness, diet, nutrition, registered dietitian, nutritionist, healthcare, kitchen, chef, diet, insurance, healthcare, Portsmouth, NH, michelle moreau