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What is a serving size?

What exactly is a serving size?

How much is just right?  Everyone has heard by now that, whether dining out or eating at home, the average American’s plate is often filled with over-sized portions. But what exactly is a proper serving size? Here is a handy, quick guide comparing  single-sized  food portions to everyday items:

3 ounces of poultry, beef or fish ~ a deck of cards, or a checkbook

2 tablespoons peanut butter ~ a golf ball

an ounce of nuts ~ about a handful

1 cup cereal ~ a baseball

1 cup pasta ~ a tennis ball

1 dinner roll ~ a yo-yo

1 baked potato ~ a computer mouse

1 cup green salad ~ 1 baseball

1 serving of fruit (1/2 cup) ~1/2 a baseball, or a standard ice cream scoop

1 serving of vegetables (1/2 cup) ~ 1/2 a baseball, or a standard ice cream scoop

1 ounce cheese ~ a pair of dice

1 teaspoon butter ~ 1 “Scrabble” game tile

Another way to roughly estimate portion sizes is by using your hand (of course, make adjustments accordingly if you are way above or below average-sized!):

About one cup~ your fist

About 1 ounce meat or cheese~ your thumb

About 1 tablespoon ~ your thumb tip

About 1 teaspoon~ your fingertip

Make sure to take the “What to Eat: Personalized” quiz to learn exactly how many servings from each food group (Meats and Beans, Grains, Fruits, Vegetables, and Dairy) is right for you.  Knowledge is power.

Happy healthy eating!

Welcome to a healthier, new you…

This site is dedicated to those in pursuit of a healthier lifestyle.

Healthy living begins in the kitchen.

So much of the current food industry is dedicated to the mass marketing of products that can be made inexpensively, have a long shelf life and, unfortunately, often provide little to the consumer in terms of nutrition.  The over-usage and over-consumption of certain food products, including processed wheat and corn, is beginning to take its toll on the American people, as millions have, or are developing, food allergies, and many millions more are overweight or obese.

Whether you are someone currently dealing with a food allergy, or are just someone wanting a healthier diet, Chef Michelle is here for you. It’s time for us all to get back to basics- let’s get eating a good variety of balanced meals that are also packed with vital nutrition.

Lots of healthy and delicious recipes are posted throughout this website.  Make sure to try them all! Lots more recipes are to follow, as well as many cooking tips and nutritional advice, so keep coming back to visit.

Happy Healthy Eating!

Chef Michelle